We are able to source an extensive variety of products, varying from budget to bespoke; and that applies to cabinetry, worktops, appliances and accessories. This enables us to create the perfectly designed kitchen package for you, rather than you having to settle for one from a limited range of options. We can advise you on what’s good, what’s not, and create stunning kitchens ranging from £4,000 to £40,000!

The 18mm rigid imperial carcasses we use on many of our kitchens are the only ones that come with a 2mm radiussed edge as standard instead of the “iron-on” strip found on many of our competitors’ carcasses. This means the carcass will be far less likely to split, swell or suffer from water ingress, resulting in many additional years usage out of your kitchen and making it a far more cost effective investment.

We never hard-sell, and we never use false discounting. We offer no-nonsense, straight-forward pricing, with prices that are consistently competitive. We’ll never undertake practices like offering a free appliance but then load the price of it into the cabinetry, or “discounts” for buying on the night – with CMD Design, what you see is what you get – good, honest value!

We pride ourselves on our good design principles and our ability to think “outside of the box” to create fantastic end results. We blend imagination and creative flair with technical know-how and an in-depth knowledge of “what makes kitchens work”. This enables us to deliver the spectacular “wow factor” that you’re looking for, but also a practical space that you’ll find is a joy to cook in.

By not having show-rooms, we manage to keep our overheads low, which means we can offer better prices to you. If you’d like to see some of our kitchens first hand, we have a number of previous clients in your area who we can arrange for you to visit and see first-hand how good our kitchens are – plus it’s always better to see a plumbed-in and fully-working kitchen rather than just a dressed-up empty shell in a show-room (you’ll also find our clients are refreshingly honest!)

Ever wondered what happens when a kitchen company needs to take on new fitters? We’ve all seen the DIY SOS programmes on the television and know that a poor fitter can ruin even the most expensive of kitchens, which is why here at CMD Design we have built up a fantastic team of craftsmen and fitters with a proven track-record over several years. When fitting your kitchen, we guarantee never to send out an un-tested new team of fitters, as we don’t believe it’s fair to gamble our clients hard-earned money on a fitter with no proven track-record – now that is peace of mind!.

“There’s more than one way to skin a cat” as the saying goes, in the same way that “there’s always more than one way to design a kitchen”. We will always provide our clients with multiple quotes, as this helps our clients appreciate not just where costs are incurred but also where savings can be made, thus giving them total control over how they want to spend their budget.

Everybody’s kitchen is different. Everybody uses their kitchen differently. At CMD Design, we pride ourselves on an ability to listen to our clients needs and come up with a solution that fits those needs like a glove and not a straight-jacket. We understand that it’s your home and your kitchen – as much as we can suggest ideas, it’s ultimately about giving you the fantastic dream kitchen that you have always dreamt of.

The designer that you initially meet will be involved in your kitchen right up until completion. Ordering a kitchen is about being comfortable with “the person” and also “the company” that you’re doing business with, so we feel that to suddenly go and pass your kitchen on to a kitchen surveyor / project manager that you don’t know just wouldn’t be right! We’ll project manage everything, from the dates of your delivery to the colour of your plug sockets, right down to the very last detail – giving you complete peace of mind.

because we care about what our clients think about us and of the service we offer. Virtually all of our business comes from word-of-mouth recommendation, and so it’s vitally important that we get your kitchen right. We’ve built this reputation up over several years through looking after our clients and delivering their kitchens on-time and on-budget, with fantastic end results - maybe we could do the same for you?