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Converting your garage can be a very cost-effective way to expand your living space as the majority of the building envelop is already there (hence why the build-cost can often be as little as £10,000 for a single garage conversion). They also frequently classify as permitted development, meaning that planning permission is often not required. They can be converted to create a vide variety of additional rooms:

  • Home office / study for those who work flexibly or are self-employed
  • Utility room and downstairs WC
  • Play-room / T.V. room for children
  • Guest bedroom
  • Separate annexe for elderly / wheelchair bound relatives

Many modern homes these days come with very small garages anyway that aren’t really suitable for a lot of large modern cars (hence why many people just use their garages for storage space). If you currently find that you’re short of space and that your existing garage is being under-utilised, or if you’d like help or advice on the feasibility of converting your garage, please feel free to give us a call and we’ll be more than happy to help

Garage Conversion in Redhill
Before and After

Garage Conversion in Mortlake
Before and After