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Designing a lovely kitchen is only part of the solution – in order for it to work, it needs to be backed up by a first class fitting & project management service, as even the most expensive of kitchens can be ruined by a poor quality fitter. With this in mind, we’ve built up our fitting & project management processes over the last 15 years to include the following:

  • Survey: A full kitchen survey appointment where we’ll go through every last detail of your kitchen, including checking dimensions, confirming services requirements, arranging deliveries, coordinating with any other works you may have going on, confirming payment schedules, etc… we leave no stone unturned and are extremely thorough.
  • Meet the team: For our fitted kitchens, we’ll also bring out fitters, plumbers, electricians & plasterers along too so that not only do you get the peace of mind of meeting them before any works start, but we can also confirm the exact scope of works, confirm dates and put together a detailed fitting program so you know exactly what’s happening when.
  • Delivery: As previously mentioned, we’ll full manage your kitchen delivery, ensuring that each items is checked, labelled and inspected for damage in transit prior to fitting (we’ll even do this for supply-only kitchens too). That way when hundreds of boxes turn up on site, your fitter doesn’t end up having to spend hours trying to work out what’s what.
  • Supervision: We’ll come back to site every few days to check on progress & ensure that there have been no fitting problems (and if there have been, then we ensure that they’re swiftly dealt with). We provide fitting guides for our kitchens for the fitters to work to and will make sure that our high professional standards are being adhered to.
  • Quality: Each one of our teams of fitters comes with a tried and tested reputation from working with us. We guarantee to never send-out untested fitters, as we feel that it would be unfair to gamble our clients’ hard earned money on a fitter with no track record. When we work on supply-only projects, we get to see first hand how well a lot of kitchen fitters work, and if they do a good job, run their site well, look after their customers & work to a high level of finish, then we take their details for future use (we’ve sussed out some very good and also very bad fitters that way!). We find this is a far more reliable way of vetting fitters than taking references that would’ve been “cherry-picked”, as the “proof is in the pudding”!
  • Snagging: Towards the end of each kitchen fitting project, we get together with our clients & fitters to draw up a comprehensive snagging list which has a three way sign-off procedure: we sign it to say that once the works are completed, we agree to pay the fitters (so they are then happy), the fitter signs it to say the works will be completed by a specified date (so you know it won’t drag on forever, therefore you’re happy), and then finally you sign it to say that after the works are completed, you agree to release the fitting retainer (therefore we’re happy). In fifteen years, we’ve NEVER had a fitting retainer withheld… now THAT’S peace of mind!
  • A bottle! After each job is completed, we like to come around with a bottle of something sparkly to thank our clients for their business, as well as to hopefully gain feedback, take photos, gain testimonials, etc, etc… we’ve got over fifteen years of highly satisfied customers – hopefully you could become one of them?