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We pride ourselves on our ability to think outside of the box to create multiple design solutions to fulfil our client’s brief.  We always consider multiple options to help ensure that all avenues have been explored, so that our clients don’t end up spending thousands of pounds on a project, only to then think afterwards “oh, I wish we’d done this….”

We give sound design advice and listen to our clients’ needs to help ensure that we create solutions that fit their family’s needs like a glove and not a straight-jacket. We’re very conscious that every home is unique, and that every family uses their home differently. So it’s not about creating a “one size fits all” solution – it’s about exploring possibilities of how to make the most of their living space and then helping them to achieve fantastic end results that come in both on-time and on-budget.

We are always sensitive to our clients’ budgets (whether large or small) and will always endeavour to not waste our clients time or money designing schemes that are beyond their means. We also price our works competitively and never undertake dodgy sales practices such as hard selling, false discounting, offering “freebies” that are loaded into other prices etc…

We act as a guiding hand for clients that don’t know quite where to start – if you’re going to be trusting someone to look after one of your biggest assets (ie: your home), then you want to be sure that it’s in safe hands. We’ve even created free architectural / kitchen guides & budget builders to help get clients started.

We look after our clients’ homes as if they were our own and always deliver on our promises – we’ve been helping our client transform their houses into the homes they’ve always dreamt of for over fifteen years now… maybe we could do the same for you?