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Here are the top ten reasons why clients have been coming to us for their kitchens since 2003:

1. Independence

We are a truly independent kitchen design studio – we use a variety of cabinetry manufacturers, worktop suppliers and appliance distributors, meaning that we can offer our clients a range of products that range from budget to bespoke, from £5,000 – £55,000.

2. Honesty

We don’t use glossy brochure photos to make our kitchens look good – unlike some of our competitors, EVERY kitchen that you see on our literature is one that we’ve personally done ourselves, so you can trust that we can actually deliver on what we promise instead of showing you stock-photos of kitchens that we’ve never actually worked on.

3. Value

We don’t have the overheads associated with expensive showrooms, meaning that we can offer high-spec luxury kitchens at mid-range to budget kitchen prices. Having an extensive network of show-kitchens that we’ve fitted over the last fifteen years means that you can check out our fitted, working, cooked-in and lived-in kitchens instead of viewing empty shells in a showroom (and unlike some showroom staff, you’ll find our clients are refreshingly honest!). This enables you to see first hand how good our work is & means that we don’t have to be tied to any one particular supplier.

4. Transparency

If you’re not quite sure exactly where to start with your kitchen project, we’ve produced an independent kitchens guide and budget builder which contains lots of information about the various types of kitchen out there. It explains the differences between budget & bespoke kitchen cabinetry, the various worktop types out there and also gives guideline information about the various different appliance options too. It also helps you to build up an indicative real-time kitchen budget to give you an idea of what things really cost before you get started. If you’d like a free copy of this guide, then please click HERE

5. Good Design

We pride ourselves on our exceptional design skills and our ability to think “outside of the box” to create fantastic end results. We blend imagination and creative flair with technical know-how and an in-depth understanding of “what makes kitchens work”. Whether it’s a modern contemporary space or a classically styled interior that you’re after, we can help you to create a practical kitchen that’s a joy to cook in that also has the “wow factor” that you’ve been looking for.

6. Full project management

If you decide to move ahead with our fully-fitted kitchen proposal, we’ll arrange a full survey meeting where we’ll plan out every last detail of your kitchen. You’ll get to meet the fitters, plumbers, electricians & plasterers that we’ll be using before they even start, and we can even offer you a free one-hour interior design consultation to help you work out how to “dress your kitchen” to gain the maximum impact. We’ll book in all of the dates around your timetable, plan a full program of works and put together exceptionally detailed kitchen plans that set-out exactly where every cabinet, light, pipe, switch & socket are to go.

7. The complete package

We can work on either a supply-only or fully-fitted basis, but you still get peace of mind with whichever option you choose. With many companies, “supply only” literally just means dropping the kitchen by the kerb-side & you’re on your own. With our supply-only service, we’ll manage your deliveries personally, bringing the kitchen indoors, checking / labelling each item, ensuring no items are missing / damaged, and popping back to site every few days to check your fitters haven’t had any problems… you don’t get that kind of service with your D.I.Y sheds & builders merchants’ kitchen!

8. A quality finish

Ever wondered what happens when a kitchen company needs to take on new fitters? We’ve all seen the DIY programs on the TV & know that a poor fitter can ruin even the most expensive of kitchens, which is why we’ve built our fantastic team of craftsmen & fitters with a proven track-record over several years. When fitting your kitchen, we guarantee never to send out un-tested fitters, as we don’t believe it’s fair to gamble our clients hard-earned money on a fitter with no proven track-record – now that is peace of mind!.

9. Financial security

We pay our fitters in stages and all of our fully-fitted kitchens come with a fitting retainer that our clients get to keep hold of until they’re 100% happy with our work. As we near the end of a project, we’d draw up a comprehensive snagging list with you, that all three parties (you, us & our fitters) sign-off on, so that everyone is happy with what works need doing. In FIFTEEN YEARS years of doing kitchens, we’ve NEVER had a client withhold their fitting retainer, we’ve NEVER had a kitchen that doesn’t fit, and we’ve NEVER had to claim on our public liability insurance – now that’s peace of mind!

10. And finally

Because we genuinely care about what our clients think about us and of the service that we offer! Virtually all of our business comes from word-of-mouth recommendation, and so it’s vitally important that we get your kitchen right. We’ve built this reputation up over the last fifteen years by looking after our clients and delivering their kitchens on-time and on-budget, with fantastic end results – we’d look forward to doing the same for you.